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Are you looking for the best washer repairs Vancouver has to offer? Evo Appliance Repair is here to deal with all your appliance maintenance needs. We have expert technicians that work tirelessly to fix your appliances at competitive rates so that they work as good as new.

The secret of having long-lasting, efficient appliances is proper care and maintenance over the years. Of course, this holds for your washing machine as well.  If you regularly get your appliances serviced, you will get a lot more use out of them. Still, appliances do malfunction or break down.

We will list some common problems that washing machines face with simple solutions you can implement at home to help you maintain your appliances better. If these don’t work, give us a call! or check our Facebook Page

Washer repair Vancouver

Common Washing Machine Issues

Washing Machine Not Starting

Several issues can prevent a washing machine from starting. The first thing you can do when you experience this problem is to check the power switch to see if you have a loose connection. Next, check if your power socket is functional and the fuse is working properly. If your machine still doesn’t start, you should check the door lock if you have a front-load washing machine. Sometimes, the machine’s main power switch starts to malfunction. If this is the case, call us. Do not try to work with live wires or high voltages on your own if you do not have the experience- that is why we are here.

Washing Machine is Noisy

If your machine is making excessive noise, check to see if there are any objects stuck between your washing machine’s outer tub and drum. Sometimes coins and other small objects, along with debris, can get stuck in the machine. They fall around the heater, wreck the machine, and damage any clothing inside it. Make a habit of checking the pockets of any clothing you put in the machine to avoid incurring this type of damage.

Old washing machines might also make noise because their bearings degrade over time. Never operate a washing machine with faulty bearings as the damage can be critical. However, there is a simple fix; lubricate the bearings with grease or oil. If it still makes noise, it’s time to replace the bearings. We can do that for you, so give us a call!

Washing Machine is Vibrating Excessively

If your washing machine is vibrating way more than it usually does, you probably have an unbalanced tub, or your entire washing machine is not balanced. Place your washing machine on a flat, completely horizontal surface. If you don’t have space, get a trolley/stand with adjustable screws. Sometimes your tub can become unbalanced due to excessive wear and tear on the suspension system. If that is the case, give us a call, and we shall fix it for you.

These are some common issues people face with their washing machines. If you are looking for washer repairs in Vancouver, give Evo Appliance Repair a call, and we shall fix your appliances for you in no time.

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Washer common Issues

We can solve all your washing machine troubles. We offer Same day Repair Service & Installation. We work 7 days a week and we come at your convenient time
  • Washer will not spin.
  • Washing Machine is making loud noise.
  • Washer Will not drain
  • Washer Fills water slowly or will not fill at all.
  • Washing machine leaks.
  • Washer overflowing.
  • Washing machine lid or door will not lock
  • Washing machine stops mid cycle.
  • Washing machine will not start.
  • Washing machine will not agitate