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Are you looking for the best dryer repairs Vancouver has to offer? Evo Appliance Repair is here to deal with all your appliance maintenance needs.

The secret of having long-lasting, efficient appliances is proper care and maintenance over the years. Of course, this holds for your dryer as well. If you regularly get your appliances serviced, you will get more use out of them. Still, appliances do malfunction or break down.

Dryer Repair Service , Common Dryer Issues

Dryer is an essential Appliance in each house, In Canada especially Vancouver is known for its rainy days, so the only way to dry your cloth is by using a cloth Dryer
  • Dryer Will no heat.
  • Dryer Will not spin.
  • Dryer is making squeaky or banging noises
  • Dryer Will not start and show error codes.
  • Dryer leave black stains on cloth.
  • Dryer takes too long to complete it’s cycle.
  • Dryer Tripping the breaker.
  • Dryer Overheating.
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Common Dryer Issues

These are some common issues people face with their dryers. If you are looking for dryer repairs in Vancouver, give Evo Appliance Repair a call, and we shall fix your appliances for you in no time.

Dryer Not Starting

There is nothing more frustrating than putting a load in the dryer and having it not start.

Call us; we will inspect several things to discover the problem. First, we will inspect your circuit breaker because that is your dryer’s power source. The circuit breaker could get tripped during a power surge, which would cut off the power supply to your dryer.

Other reasons preventing a dryer from starting include broken power cords or a damaged dryer door switch. If this is the case, do not try to fix it yourself, as DIY repairs often end up damaging the appliance further. Instead, give us a call; that’s what we’re there for.

Dryer is Noisy

Your dryer can make a cacophony of noises, each for a different reason. If your dryer is starting to squeak, hum or thump, you need to call dryer repairs.

If you keep hearing a thumping noise coming from your dryer, the dryer may have broken glides. The glides are small plastic pieces that you can find at the front of the dryer’s drum. These glides can get worn out over time and end up breaking, which causes your dryer to become noisy and lookup dryer repairs in Vancouver.

Once you’ve given us a call, we will come and inspect the condition of your dryer’s drum support roller and its blower wheel to deduce the exact source of the noise. If these components have broken down, we can replace them in no time, and your dryer would be good to go.

Dryer is Not Producing Heat

You’ve put a load into the dryer, and you can hear it tumbling. However, when you take the clothes out, they are still wet! Why? Your dryer isn’t producing enough heat. Before you give us a call, make sure you check the dryer settings. Is it on low heat? If it is, turn it up.

However, if that doesn’t work, give dryer repairs in Vancouver a call. We will come and inspect the dryer’s thermal fuse. The fuse is there to make sure your dryer doesn’t overheat. When this fuse breaks, your dryer can stop heating up altogether.

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